is cyberport safe?


is cyberport safe?

I would buy the Iphone 12, but not with PayPal, but direct transfer. I have had a bad experience with PayPal.

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Do you mean if this is a serious shop? Yes he is.

If you mean something else, like how safe the site is, I don’t know.

I only buy through PayPal.

Everything else is too insecure for me.

I’ve never had problems there, not even in warranty cases.

Cyberport is a reputable store. But also has some shops where you can buy or pick up things.

Cyberport is safe and very serious!

I have often ordered from Cyberport myself.

So don’t worry.

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Hello! I want to buy shoes and the seller tells me to send the money through a link. Is it safe?

Can I block the money in the same way as with a real PayPal transfer?

Is the Cyberport website safe? The cell phone there costs a good 80 € less than in Amazon, so I’m a little suspicious. I would like to order the iPhone 5s there and would like to make sure that it arrives new + without defective ones.

Should I pre-order the IPhone 12 Max directly from Apple or can it be bought cheaper from Amazon after 1 to 2 weeks?.

So I don’t know this online shop and would like to buy a laptop someone has experience?

I was contacted by someone from the Netherlands. He would like to buy my cell phone, I live in Germany. He can only pay by bank transfer because he doesn’t have PayPal.

My question is: is this more secure than PayPal? And what should I watch out for??

I would like to buy a Nintendo Switch, and of course as cheaply as possible many do not have PayPal and no one near me offers a console at a price that is reasonable for me. Now my question is how safe is an online transfer :)? thank you in advance.

Would like to buy something on ebay by buying it now. Only bank transfer is offered. Is that safe with ebay (buyer protection) or is only PayPal safe and protected?

I am currently selling 2 items at Kleiderkreisel. Now a man has just contacted me who happens to want to buy both items. We have already negotiated the price and he would like to contact you again this evening. Now my question is whether payment by bank transfer is safe for the seller.

I have had bad experiences with PayPal and I am afraid of being scammed again. Can I withdraw the money when making a transfer? Do I have to worry? thanks for answers πŸ™‚

I wanted to buy printer cartridges today and then ended up at CyberPort via Idealo. I put the printer cartridges in the shopping cart and then pressed the small PayPal field directly at the bottom of the shopping cart. Then I signed up with PayPal and, as usual, the address etc. were then displayed at Cyber ​​Port.

After I checked everything again, I wanted to complete the order. After pressing the order button. Has the shopping cart been emptied and simply displayed empty?

So I didn’t get any feedback as to whether the order was placed, and no cash flow was recorded at PayPal. I also checked the URL, it was the original page. How do I know now whether an order has been placed or not.

Want to buy me an iPhone. The iPhone 7 32 gb is cheapest on eBay, so I want to buy it there. But I don’t know if you can trust the dealer.

I make a purchase with PayPal really safe.

I would like to buy a used iPhone at, but I am very unsure whether this website is safe, so I wanted to ask whether you have experience with MOBILSHOP3000.

(Please do not give suggestions like Amazon or Ebay)

I want to order something from England and then I have to pay by IMMEDIATELY TRANSFER as I have no credit card and no PayPal.

Someone who wants to buy something from me wants to pay it via paypal. But I don’t have PayPal and just want it to be either bought by bank transfer or picked up. how can I put it nicely now that it is only possible by transfer or collection. )

I paid for an eBay item through PayPal. Is the (still virtual) money visible on the seller’s PayPal account immediately after my last click? Paypal is liable to the seller if my transfer in real does not arrive?

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